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Tuesday, January 29 2013

     Our journey through life is filled with gateways and thresholds, corridors that lead us in new directions. Many choose to stay on the well-marked road, but others, like Alice in Wonderland, fall down rabbit holes into the bizarre, or climb through the wardrobe to emerge in Narnia.

     I have always been a child to stray off the path, to choose the road less travelled. Perhaps destiny lies in the direction. I gave this some thought this weekend as I took my early morning walk on the ranch with the dogs.

Some paths are clearly defined. We follow a dry creekbed to new wonders.

But other pathways are only noticed when when you are in just the right spot. A few feet in any direction ....  

... and the path is gone.  

     I gave this some thought as I backed up, lined up, and followed the path that emerged. How often is it that, caught in the chaos of a busy life, we fail to see the things which part and align to lead us in another direction? Into another world? Any even if for just a brief moment, we see that path, will we follow it?


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