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Sunday, January 11 2015

The folks who are on the Failte Gate Farm Facebook page have already seen these pics, but since that's only a small percentage of our readers, I thought I'd share this little incident on the blog.

You all know Delta and her calf, Radio. This week I let the boy goats out of their buck pen to run around the farm because I anticipated the nasty weather coming down the pipe and wanted them to have some free play before the storms hit. The wethers chose wisely, and hustled off to entertain themselves eating browse and exploring. Jethro, the buck, decided to hang out with the cattle. Since hanging out with cows is normally a safe practice for goats, I don't discourage this.

On the other hand, there are certain behaviors that are just plain stupid. Sparring with cattle is one of them.

Delta humored him for a while.

I stood there, filling the water trough and watched this little drama play out. He pushed and she just stood there. Delta actually kind of likes Jethro, but there are limits.  It was all fun and games until Jethro decided to butt Radio.

Delta moved so fast the camera couldn't even catch it.

Jethro wobbled like Charlie Chaplin and wandered away, thus ending his sparring with cattle for the evening.

It was not his finest moment.

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