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Tuesday, March 31 2015

The bucklings got their first taste of the Great Outdoors today. Actually that's not true. They were born in the Great Outdoors and were whisked away to the safety of an artificial world of stalls and shavings.  I don't like keeping them in a barn because it's dark and dusty and not a good place for growing lungs. So today we met the rest of the goats and played in the yard.

Everyone else had beet pulp and given the choice between babies and beet pulp, there was little interest in the babies so they were free to explore.

 There was the occasional "Are you my mother" moment. The other girls were horrified at the idea of being followed by hungry munchkins.

 "Are you serving breakfast?"


 "Are you my mother?"

 "Are you lost, Kiddo?"

Briar assured herself the buckling was okay and he ran back to Mom and 24 Hour milkbar.

Then Briar settled down beside the fence to bark at the cows and inform them that she had new babies and so there would be severe consequences for any cow caught trespassing near her kids.

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