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Saturday, December 19 2009

I'm ready for tomorrow. (I think!) The day just tipped the scale from tragedy to almost black comedy. 

Without going into details (read the posts below) I walked all the way out there . . . and . . . the rifle wasn't loaded. Had to go back to the house and get another one.

Spent an hour digging a hole in the mud. Border Collie supervised. Needed frequent breaks to scrape mud off shovel. She tried to entertain me by leaping in air, grinning, and helping me get mud off shovel.

Came back inside to clean needles. Don't like to re-use needles for injections again, but still boil them for other uses. Border Collie and I shared a pop-tart. (Yes, she is lowering her standards.) 

This is what happens when you don't watch a pot of boiling water. No more water . . .

. . . . lots of melted plastic!

Since Life is what you make it, instead of viewing today as a tragedy, perhaps we should look at today as a Black Comedy and move on to tomorrow. 


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