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Wednesday, February 24 2010


     When you have the flu, you are not the only one who suffers. Everyone around you is miserable too. I went to work yesterday.  Duh!  Why???  Me! The person who will take off work in an instant if one of the dogs is sick, made the bright decision to drag her butt to the office yesterday.  (Other Half wants to go on public record to state that HE was solidly against this decision.) I lasted EXACTLY 33 minutes before my colleages and my boss sent me packing back home.  What was I thinking?  I guess the logic was that time off should be taken for farm chores only.  If you're too sick to labor on the farm, you may as well go to work.  (That's the Nyquil talking.) 

     As I sat in rush hour traffic on my way back home, I cursed my poor decision and prayed I didn't rear-end anyone.  A few people honked because I strayed into their lanes.  Oh dear!  Clearly I wasn't as "on top of things" as Nyquil had led me to believe. When you are sick, your one best friend in the whole, wide world, is your electric blanket.  I know. I know. You're probably right.  The electro-magnetic waves it gives off will kill me, but not as fast as the flu, and certainly not as fast as my colleages if I show up at the office again before I'm able to keep down food.

     So except for when I'm actually feeding animals, I'm living in an electric blanket cocoon. A dear friend just told me, "No one has time for the flu."  The reality is just the opposite. No one has time to actually "fight" the flu, but once you've lost the fight, and accepted that you've got it, you have nothing but time.  I slept for 20 hours one day and if the animals hadn't insisted on being fed I never would have crawled out of that bed. Which leads me to the other hapless victims of the flu - the animals.

     Farm animals don't care.  As long as food arrives in a timely manner, horses, cattle, sheep and goats don't care.  Dogs do. Dogs study humans like NASA studies space.  They know everything about us.  I'm sure Border Collie knew I had the flu long before I did. Herein lies the problem.  Dogs know when you're sick.  Dogs care.  (except for Bloodhound and Briar) Dogs want to be in the bedroom with you when you are sick, but all you want is uninterrupted sleep. Dogs cannot be quiet.  They won't quit checking on you. Thus, you are forced to hurt their feeling by announcing,


     You stagger out of bed, cursing the cord on the electric blanket because it will not allow you to drag the blanket with you to the door. You toss everyone outside.  Just as you are about to slam the door, you see Border Collie staring, like a Jedi Master working Mind Control.

"I must be in bed with you. I only weigh forty pounds and don't take up much space.  I will be still.  I promise.  Plus, if you die in your sleep, I won't keep rescue workers from getting to your body like The Enforcer would."

     Your mind puzzles on that thought for a moment.  You decide she has a point, so you let her back inside.

(See? . . . crime scene investigators think of weird sh*t. Give 'em some Nyquil and there is no telling which direction the mind will wander.)


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Ahhh I agree with Border Collie. The only living things that dare to draw near when I have a migraine are my dear loving dogs. My Aussie and my Border Collie lay in the dark with me silently, and still, waiting for the 15 to 20 hours to elapse. They must be coaxed out to eat drink and do their business. Then it's right back with me. It is touching once I recover! I am miserable but grateful for their loyalty.
Posted by Sue on 02/25/2010 - 11:08 AM

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