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Saturday, March 06 2010

If you read yesterday's post LATE last night, you will certainly be wondering if our patients made it through the night. Yes, they did.  These scraggly-looking, sorry purchases actually survived and bless their little sheepy hearts, if they make it through this ordeal, their hardiness alone is enough to keep them.

I'm not one to let an animal sufffer, but on the other hand, if you want to live, I will give you every opportunity to do so, and these two girls want to live.  Thus, one of the stalls has been converted to a sheep hospital room. We are concerned that both are still dragging their right hind legs so we'll probably rig up some kind of cardboard/vet wrap splint today to keep them from walking on the top of their hooves.  The vet suggested cardboard, so we'll give it a shot.

Speaking of vets, I met a writer that you simply HAVE to check out!  His name is Dr. David Carlton and he is a large & small animal vet in the Dallas area.  He has several books out about his adventures during a 20+  year career as a vet. His first book is already on CD and WE LOVE IT!  We purchased the books and CDs on Tuesday and immediately popped a CD into the truck on the way home from the livestock show. The stories are riveting.  They're short, read by the author, and will keep any animal lover enthralled.    Check out his website at .   I can attest to the fact that not only is his writing entertaining, he is as delightful in person as he appears in his books.

I found it ironic that just as we were gathering materials to stitch up sheep yesterday, the story on his CD was one where a pack of stray dogs raided the Ag-Barn sheep pasture and crying students were bringing him 26 bleeding sheep.  While we were at the livestock show (again!) last night, we hunted him up to tell him how much we really enjoyed his books and CDs. Again, he was as polite and gracious a person as you'd ever want to meet.  So I urge you, take a peek at his website. Order his books.  (I believe carries them. ) You won't be disappointed.  

And keeping with the spirit of sheep butchered by dogs, here is our baby Livestock Guardian Dog!  One day she'll big enough to protect her little wooly buddies!  Until then, it would behoove me to pay closer attention to where I put the New Police Dog!



Photographs:  Yes, I did take some pictures of their injuries this morning. No, you don't want to see them. Ewwww . . . Gross!



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