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Wednesday, June 30 2010

Last week while we were in search of the Wagon Master, we missed our exit and stumbled across this:

My heart skipped!  I have researched this place all over the internet - and here it was!

The builders take reclaimed materials and fashion the most adorable tiny homes.  I mean TINY (in teeny tiny letters!)



  Many folks buy the homes for studios, or offices, or rent rooms.  Some folks buy them to live in.  I was thinking in that direction.  I'm trying to think forward to the time when we leave the shadow of the city and move WAAAAY out in the country.  Living in one of these homes is like living in the horse trailer.  We camp in the horse trailer all the time, so I didn't think it'd be too much of a stretch to convince Other Half to down-size into something like this.  I'm still working on him. . .

  The builders make great use of the space they have available.


They use lots of windows and mirrors so you don't feel you're living in a large closet.

 The houses are tall and the bed is upstairs.  THAT is the biggest hitch for us.  Upstairs bed means 50+ year old knees have to crawl up that freakin' ladder.  And the biggest hurdle, which Other Half was quick to point out - how will Border Collie sleep with us?  (Hmmmm. . . THAT was a problem!)

 They use drapes to separate individual rooms within the house.

 and stained glass!  I LOVE stained glass!

Other Half wanted to know where his big screen television would go.

  Look!  A Woman-Throne! Other Half was not impressed with the Woman-Throne.  He was more concerned with his big-screen television and where his dogs would sleep.

Sooooo . . . although it doesn't look like we'll be able to scale down quite THIS much, it gave us some homebuilding ideas that did allow us to scale back some - while still making allowances for old age and dogs!

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