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Wednesday, February 29 2012

I simply MUST share this with you! Although I'm rarely able to keep up with Facebook, I saw this on Paige's Facebook page (yes, the Border Collie has a FB page, and yes, I follow it.) and was captivated.  I think this just may be the up-and-coming technology for lost pets.

You know those funny looking squares we're starting to see everywhere?  I call them Aztec bar codes.  Well, anyone with a smart phone can scan those rascals with their phone and it'll take them to a link.  Someone thought of putting those Aztec bar code thingees on your dog!

Yessiree!  You buy the tag, which is cheap, like $12.95 and then I got a $10 discount for "liking" them on Facebook. Then I got another $5 coupon for voting for my favorite video. (Paige of course, but her friend the bulldog was a close second!)

Anyway, you buy the tag, and they send it in like 4 days. Then you register the tag online with PetHub. You can put all sorts of information about your dog AND include the dog's picture.  This is important if your dog looks like Briar!

 "What's wrong with the way I look?!!"

I don't have a smart phone, but just about everyone else under the age of 35 does.  Sure enough, I registered my dogs online and had Fergus, my buddy at work, scan Briar's tag with his phone.  I IMMEDIATELY got an email alert on my phone to notify me that someone had scanned Briar's tag AND Fergus was able to type an email message into the website which was sent to me within seconds. It read, "Is this Sexy Beast yours?"

What cool technology!!!  Even though my dogs are microchipped, I still got these PetHub tags for them.  AND ANOTHER THING! They even have a capability where you can get a GPS location of where the dog was when the tag was scanned!  How cool is that?  You have to pay extra for that. I didn't get that feature, because I have so many tags to buy. And besides, anyone who finds Briar would be HAPPY to return her to me after she had barked all night, jumped on them with muddy paws, and got in their garbage!


Check out Paige's video.  They are in a video contest for a PetHub commercial. It's adorable!

PetHub is featuring our video today! Help us out in the contest by going to their page and sharing, liking, or commenting on their post that is featuring our video!
To vote for this video, please click "Like"...points also awarded for positive feedback and unique shares. Honest feedback is appreciated...but offensive com...
Posted by: forensicfarmgirl AT 09:51 am   |  Permalink   |  1 Comment  |  Email
Ok, this sounds really really cool. I wonder if they work in Canada...must research.
Posted by Lindsay on 03/01/2012 - 09:44 AM

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