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Thursday, 07 August 2014

Here's your sign. . .

     Comedian Bill Engvall has become famous for a running joke about giving signs to stupid people so the rest of us would recognize them immediately. After all, if they carried signs proclaiming they were stupid, we wouldn't waste much time wondering about them. Makes sense. We need these signs on crime scenes.

Imagine this:

A local fast food restaurant is the scene of gun battle during rush hour traffic. For over seven hours this restaurant, the parking lot, and the streets around it have been filled with police and crime scene investigators. At the seventh hour, with three crime scene trucks and two patrol cars still inside the parking lot, with uniformed officers still milling around, the crime scene tape finally comes down enough to allow employees back into the restaurant. It is at this point that I am sitting in my truck, waiting for the other CSIs to finish packing up, when one of my co-horts points out that I'm blocking a vehicle trying to get through the parking lot.

My first reaction is "Well, he'll just have to wait, won't he?"

But curiosity got the best of me, so I eased aside to allow the vehicle to slowly bull his way into a cold crime scene. Please keep in mind that in addition to three CSIs in the parking lot, there were also at least five uniformed police officers, and three more Homicide Investigators standing nearby. Like faded flowers, crime scene tape still loosely drooped in parts of the perimeter. And yet, with the patient determination of a cow pushing its way to the feeding trough, this car slowly eased its way through the parking lot - and into the drive-thru!

Yes! And he waited. While employees inside the building waded through broken glass and spilled drinks in an effort just to find their car keys so they could go home after seven hours, he waited in the drive-thru for a voice on the speaker to take his order.

And waited.

And waited.

When he finally gave up and left in frustration, I fought the urge to pull him over, walk through the red and blue flashing lights, and hand him his sign.

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