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Friday, 26 June 2015

Briar is a funny creature - part dog, part sheep.  Unlike the goats, who teach their kids that Briar is a nasty, repulsive creature to be avoided, the sheep accept Briar as a member of the flock and don't go into hysterics when Briar sniffs their babies.

Yesterday we moved the new baby into the yard with Briar. Briar amazes me because as soon as I turned her into the area, she dropped her head and began to cast around to find the source of the strange new scent. Her nose led her to this pair.

 Flower Pot patiently waited while Briar conducted a rather extensive investigation.

 Other lambs zoomed-zoomed around them,

 and then blasted right in the middle of things. The look on Briar's face is priceless.

 Her face softened when she realized who had interrupted her inventory - 2015 Models #1 and #2.

 Then she politely circled around and completed her inventory.

 "I love lambing season!"

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